Thursday, July 26, 2007

brilliant idea: stitch & pitch

i have been waiting for this night since i first heard of it last October or November.

several area yarn/craft shops from the area had booths set up on the 3rd level deck of Safeco:

obligatory baseball picture:

it's like where's waldo: spot the knitters! much of the 3rd level had knitters... though we also know that there were leftovers from the 3000 needle cases available. there must have been less than 3000 of us. but still a good crowd.

my little project takes a bus ride home


  1. Dang, I wish I would have gone to the KC Stitch & Pitch. Alas.
    Don't you love those little dishcloths? They're so cute and quick!

  2. I DO love those little dishcloths. I have to admit I was inspired by yours!