Sunday, April 26, 2009

look who came to visit!

Jason had convinced me we were going on a little trip for my birthday. He told me to pack a bag and we went to the airport Friday evening, where I was going to find out what the trip was as soon as our tickets printed out of the machine. But instead, when we got there, we found my sister standing around the ticketing area. There were many tears of laughter and a LOT of explanations on the way home from the airport. I had tried to think of every possible weekend trip we could possibly be taking, but I had completely ruled out seeing brooke or other family members because I knew exactly what everyone was supposed to be doing this weekend. Turns out brooke's story was a lie!

What an awesome birthday surprise. It has been years since brooke & I have spent our birthday together (yesterday was her birthday, too!). Happy birthday, sister! And Jason deserves huge kudos for thinking up the idea, putting up with my pestering questions, and arranging for everything to happen. This was definitely a memorable birthday.

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